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Your Website Is An All Day, Every Day Storyteller

Your Website Is An All Day, Every Day Storyteller

Over the past three years plus I have had the privilege of working with many locally owned businesses across West Texas, helping them grow their online presence via managed website solutions and lead generating ad campaigns.

Perhaps my biggest takeaway to date has been recognizing many business managers and owners do not have the time, interest or knowledge to effectively manage their company website, which is a foundational piece of a successful marketing strategy.  It is a predicament I understand as not so long ago I had a business website I often viewed as a nuisance.

The truth is, your company’s website is an all day, everyday storyteller that communicates directly with prospective clients and employees.

So, what story does your website tell?  Is it compelling in describing why someone would want to buy your product or service, or possibly seek employment with your company?  How does your website compare with your competitors?  Is it fast, is it secure, is it optimized for all devices?

At Zachry, we help our clients answer these questions every day, and if you feel you might need some guidance on improving your website and/or overall online presence, please contact us.  We’re here to help.

Bourdon Wooten 
Zachry Associates/Zachry Digital
Vice-President Business Development