Does Your SEO Target the Right Customers?

Does Your Site Work On Mobile?

Are People Stampeding to Your Website?

Does your business need:


A website that looks good and works well on computers, tablets, and mobile devices?


To appear high up on your search rankings, so your potential customers can find you?


A website team to handle details like copywriting, photography, design, programming, domain-name issues and hosting?

We take website headaches off your plate.

There are 14 important elements to your website.
8 can be seen by your viewers. 6 are invisible, but very important.

Here are the 8 elements your viewers see:


Monthly content updates


Continual programming upgrades for top-speed page loading


Correct page headings and meta-tabs to help your search ranking


Optimization technology that raises your listing for all Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc)


Professional Photography


Fully responsive and optimized for phone, laptops, desktops


Professionally-written text for your approval


Professional stock photos

THE 6 Invisible Elements

These are “under the hood”, invisible elements added by our programmers and technicians to keep your site from going down; to maintain a fast page change rate; make the “clicks” take your viewer where you want them to be, keep a safety back-up of everything; make updates happen; manage all security platforms and updates and periodically adjust search engine algorithms that are rating your site for search position. These elements (and their maintenance) save you time, risks and money.

SSL security certificates management & renewals
Domain registration & renewal as needed
Continuing updates to all digital platforms
Nightly backup with secure off line 30-day storage
Includes Content Delivery Network
Monthly checks with you about updates

What do you have to lose?
Click now to take the next painless step.

In addition to creating websites, we offer:

  • Logos
  • Animated Hero Banners
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Adword programs to Push Your Site Up the Search Engine Page
  • Full Search Engine Optimization Services
  • Active Calendars
  • Job Applications
  • Changing Photo Galleries
  • Ecommerce Sites
  • Complete Hosting & Management services
  • Reputation Management

Zachry Digital is a division of Zachry Associates, Inc. We’ve operated in West Texas for almost 50 years. We earn our livings by taking good care of our clients. For websites, Zachry Digital focuses on cost effective strategy with the latest content-generation, web design, hosting, security, and Search Engine Optimization integration included.

About Us

Meet Our Team

This is your contact team. They will coordinate the activities of writers, photographers, programmers, web designers, SEO and Adword specialists who will do the actual work on your website and related initiatives. 

Sunshine Petrus
Web Sales Director

Experienced sales person in listening to clients’ needs to deliver strong solutions. Really does have a sunny disposition.

(325) 721-9636

Brooke Mosley
Social Media Services & Business Development

SEO. Social Media. Pay-per-Click Advertising.
Loves Crossfit. Loves coffee.
Avoids doing both at the same time!

(325) 677-1342 ext. 141

Danny Flanagan
Vice President of Creative Services

Knows every aspect of creative. Creative thinking. Creative Implementation.
His beautiful backyard includes the family’s rabbits.

(325) 677-1342 ext. 125

Madhvi Joshi
Web Developer

Knows the development detail to make sites come alive.
Loves the outdoors. Just got married!

Philip Crumpton
Senior Developer

All aspects of web development and programming.
In his 0 hours of free time (4 kids) he likes to sing and compose choral music.

(325) 260-3611

Jordan Brown
Graphic Designer

Creates web design themes for businesses large and small.
Country swing dancer and dedicated dog mom.

(325) 677-1342 ext. 134

Violet Watson
Business Development Associate

Dedicated sales person looking to make our clients’ lives a little easier. Lubbock, Texas born and raised. Loves to play fetch with her dog— when the West Texas winds allow it.

(806) 928-3463

Will asking for the Analysis cause someone to chase and harass me? No. We’ll phone for a time to bring you the Analysis Results. In 5 minutes, we can explain what it says. Then you decide if the meeting goes beyond 5 minutes.

Highly recommend..

Working with Zachry Digital on our new website has been incredible! The process has been quick, and with the professional photography and copywriting, it has been so easy for us. I highly recommend Zachry Digital for your website needs!

Tessa Baker
Whitten Inn

I am beyond happy..

Zachry Digital made certain I did not lose my Google ranking, and actually increased my phone traffic due to some security and SEO upgrades they provided with the new site! I am beyond happy with Zachry Digital! I feel like I have a professional website, and I have a voice in how it is presented.

Debra Jones
DJ's 5 Star Auto Service

They are professional..

I absolutely love having Zachry Digital hosting and managing my website. They have personally designed and implemented my website exactly to my needs. I highly recommend Zachry Digital; they are professional, affordable, friendly, and very creative.

Gerardo Palacios
M&R Comercial Services LLC

A great company…

It has been great; we’ve noticed an increase on our calls by 20-25% in the last two months, and Sunshine and Brooke were great in helping us. I would recommend Zachry Digital because it’s a great company to join up with, and there’s great customer service, even after the sale.

Jesse Fernandez Jr.
West TX Mobility

100 percent delivered...

We went through a redesign during one of the busiest times of the year for the Chamber, and I can’t think of one time where I was stressed about the project. They listened to my feedback, ideas, and vision, and 100 percent delivered with the product.

Laurin Kocurek
Abilene Chamber of Commerce

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a contract with Zachry Digital what happens after it ends?
Click to reveal the answer.

At the end of any contract with Zachry Digital, you own the website and your Domain (even if we reserved the Domain for you).

We are not sure what digital services will be appropriate for you then, or what technological changes will have happened, but we hope that if you have continuing needs that we would be able to continue our relationship with you. We will discuss this with you and if called for, provide you a new agreement to consider before your contract ends.

Why is paying a monthly fee a good idea?
Click to reveal the answer.

The monthly connection makes Zachry Digital always available. Also, it avoids a large, upfront payment. You receive continual support, such as 30 days of continual site backup; hosting and site management; keeping your site up (without crashes). It covers any software licensing, as well as technical updates to your platform; technical updates to maintain site-speed; continual security changes (we average 14-18 security updates annually). You have a local team on call. Otherwise, you have to worry that your original developer may have other priorities — or have left town or changed jobs (happens a lot) – which leaves you high and dry. As you know, technology changes at blinding speeds and your site needs constant attention or it will begin getting stale almost immediately.

Is it more important to work with a local company or with an experienced company?
Click to reveal the answer.

The perfect setup is a company that combines both, like Zachry Digital. The experience is an absolute necessity, without which your site will flounder. Being local is icing on the cake, as you can have a face to face conversation if you need one. With some companies, you talk to a local salesperson, but design and technical work is done far away –and things get lost in translation. One-person companies can’t supply all the design, photography, copywriting, programming and technical support – and meet the tide of constant changes.

The Better Business Bureau has had no complaints about us in 48 years of Zachry companies dealing with all kinds of companies.

The safest route is to employ someone you can trust to handle all the details correctly – so website concerns are headaches that are off your plate. We will take care of you.

Someone said that Search Engine Optimization can be automatically applied for my website (pushing my page higher up in web searches).
Click to reveal the answer.

Not true. It cannot be done automatically. A programmer has to find the search words used relative to your business and apply them appropriately to your website. And the programmer has to periodically update the information.

Is it really important that I own my website and domain?
Click to reveal the answer.

Yes. Don’t let someone else own them. If you separate with the supplier later, they could always become less friendly – and you lose all your investment to date. If you find yourself already being held “hostage,” all is not lost. Zachry Digital has helped several clients start from zero and quickly surpass the company’s original Google-search ranking.

Why do I even need a website?
Click to reveal the answer.

It is like having insurance. It helps keep a problem from becoming a disaster. A good website helps ward off bad times. Our world is changing to digital at sound barrier speed. On top of that, 25% of the population is moving every year. More strangers will have to become your customers, and your website will be the sign they will read. Research shows that 75% of buyers check websites before they visit. So, a website may not be a screaming need. But for your business to have a future, you may want a good one, and now.

What if I’m not trying to make my business any bigger?
Click to reveal the answer.

Business erosion is constant. You are always losing customers. Some move away, some die. So, if you want to stay the size you are you have to replace the losses, or you wind up with a smaller business. Then your cost-per-transaction gets higher. Your profits get lower. Times get harder. A good website keeps your name out there. Having a good website, even when you don’t want to grow, is preparing to regain what you are going to lose.

How can a professional website help my business more than a cheapie website?
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Cheap websites look cheap. People can sense a non-professional job. Your website will introduce more people to your company than anything else, so if your site is slammed together, it is not going to tell your company’s story well. After all, that is why you have a website – to make a good company presentation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
You can probably find a website online for only $30 per month. With programming and design services selling from $150 to $300 per hour, how much effort do you think goes into a $30 website? In websites, that means frequent crashes, no security updates, no maintenance, no upgrading, no corrections when technologies change, poor Google rankings. The wrong website is an expensive decision. It seems like you’ll pay for a cheap web site once a month, but you’ll actually pay for it every day.

Is free web hosting as good as it sounds?
Click to reveal the answer.

There can be serious drawbacks to no-cost hosting, including:

  • Sometimes you are allocated less server space (where your pages are stored) than you may need. The size of your site (pages) and the elements (video, audio, images, etc.) may not fit into your free space, so there could be an upcharge.
  • In the fine print, some no-cost hosts require you to run ads they place on your site.
  • If your site gets a lot of traffic, bandwidth limits might be too restrictive. Some hosts turn your site off if you exceed your monthly limit.
  • Ecommerce of any kind is usually not allowed.
  • Some hosting providers tack on maintenance and renewal fees to their “free” accounts.

We all like a free deal, but our experience is that you usually get what you pay for.

Call Sunshine Petrus at 325-721-9636 for a conference about how 
Zachry Digital can meet your needs about your website. Or, contact us by email.